Yuan Gao

Yuan Gao

ServerKit GameMaker: Easily Manage GameMaker Servers

How to use SKGM to create a server that you can easily manage from a web interface, and use it to upload and deploy your GameMaker servers

HyperText GameMaker: Make Websites in GameMaker

Making websites in GameMaker is easier than you think. Let's look at using HyperText GameMaker to make a simple website

GameMaker Servers in the Cloud

Here's the easiest way I've found to run GameMaker servers in the cloud, without needing to learn a new language or install new software

Translations Management Systems

Stop using CSVs for localizing your GameMaker game, and use a translation management system to easily collaborate and hot-load translation files into your game

Automated Bug Reporting with Sentry for GameMaker games

You can use Sentry to allow players to submit their bug reports to you automatically. This works great with structured logging to provide debugging info

Structured Logging in GML

show_debug_message() is great, but you can do better with instanced loggers, severity levels, structured logging, bound variables, and so on

MinHeap Priority Queues, an alternative for ds_priority

A modern GC-friendly version of ds_priority based on arrays and structs

Exception Inheritance in GML

GameMaker's try/catch exceptions are rife with potential pitfalls. We can do better using exception inheritance to avoid overbroad catching

Sentinels and Abstract Base Constructors in GML

When it comes to returning values that indicate the absence of a thing, "undefined" can be problematic, let's explore some other options